Tomlinson Hill is #23 on the New York Times Bestseller List

I post most news about Tomlinson Hill on the book, film and interactive website dedicated to that project, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone here for their support that helped Tomlinson Hill come in at #23 on the New York Times Bestseller List for Aug. 10, 2014.

This is more than I could ever have dreamed of in writing about the descendants of my family’s slave plantation. I aimed to start a conversation about the history of race relations, and how we continue to ignore the real injustices that led to the challenges our society faces today. Thousands of people are engaging in this reckoning of the past and hopefully learning things that will help build a better future for our country.

I’m also thankful the wonderful reviews that the book has received, and the wonderful conversation I enjoyed with Terry Gross on Fresh Air.

Tomlinson Hill was only released to the public on July 22, and already it has done more than I imagined. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and listened to me talk about this project for the last decade.

August 2, 2014