Tomlinson Hill is #23 on the New York Times Bestseller List

I post most news about Tomlinson Hill on the book, film and interactive website dedicated to that project, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone here for their support that helped Tomlinson Hill come in at #23 on the New York Times Bestseller List for Aug. 10, 2014. This is more than […]

Galleys are in, First Book Tour Dates

St. Martin’s has started sending out galleys of Tomlinson Hill to reviewers. This scares me a little because these are uncorrected proofs, which means they are chock full of typos and layout mistakes. The most terrifying is that they spelled LaDainian’s name wrong on the title page. But we have since fixed those things, and […]

Pre-Order Tomlinson Hill Now!

Tomlinson Hill is available for pre-order! I’ve included several links below to the more popular online book stories, but if you live in a town with an independent bookstore, you can do that bookstore and me an extra special favor by calling them up and making sure they order some copies for their shelves too. […]

Questions, a Photo and a Confession

We screened the film Tomlinson Hill recently at Baylor University in Waco, and I was thrilled to see so many people from Marlin present. Afterward during the question and answer period, Lisa Kaselak and I got some hard questions about the choices we made in the film, all of them very thoughtful. One woman questioned […]

James McBride and Ray Robertson at the Texas Book Festival

If you’re going to be in Austin this weekend, come by for a conversation with James McBride and Ray Robertson at the Texas Book Festival. I’ll be moderating a panel about their new historical novels set in the 19th century about abolitionist John Brown and David King, a Freeman living in Canada during the Civil […]

“A Football Life: LaDainian Tomlinson” Now on YouTube

The episode of A Football Life: LaDainian Tomlinson that I linked to is no longer available on YouTube. I’ve linked to the NFL channel to the official trailer. As I’ve blogged before, NFL Films asked me to walk LaDainian across Tomlinson Hill and tell him what I’ve learned about our families’ histories. We met at […]

“LaDainian Tomlinson: A Football Life” by NFL Films

NFL Films will be premiering their documentary, “LaDainian Tomlinson: A Football Life” on Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. Central on the NFL Channel, and I am proud to say that I make several appearances helping LaDainian understand the history of Tomlinson Hill. LaDainian’s parents divorced when he was young and his father, Oliver Terry Tomlinson, […]

50th Anniversary of “I Have a Dream” speech

I can remember the moment in 1974 when I first heard Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. I was in 4th grade at Lake Highlands Elementary, and Mrs. McKee was teaching us about the civil rights movement. What made her task more challenging was that Dallas was undergoing court-ordered busing intended to solve […]

Juneteenth, KLRU broadcast at 9 p.m

Tonight my hometown PBS station, KLRU, will broadcast “Tomlinson Hill” for Juneteenth, the Texas holiday marking the day in 1865 when a Union general ordered the emancipation of Texas slaves. One reason for airing the film on this day is a section of the film where we visit the Marlin Juneteenth parade in 2009. Our […]

LaDainian Finished the Foreword

We’re putting the final touches on the book as we enter the final round of editing, and LaDainian has turned in the Foreword! I don’t want to give too much away, but he takes a look back at the years when he was growing up on Tomlinson Hill, playing with his cousins in front of […]