Lawmakers need to stop the losses at Texas hospitals

The Texas health care system is hemorrhaging money. Emergency room doctors see critically ill poor people every day who waited too long to seek help because they lack health insurance. The ER doctors provide them with just enough care to responsibly send patients on their way, knowing full well that while the patients will likely […]

Electronic health records need more attention to reach full potential

When Dr. Kathi McCree enters the exam room, she carries her tablet computer with the patient’s electronic medical record pulled up and ready to start the exam. After she evaluates her patient and goes over her conclusions and orders, she enters her findings into the tablet, orders lab tests and writes prescriptions that are all […]

Hospital Reforms Are Not Enough to Solve Texas’ Uninsured Problem

Public and private health systems are transforming the way they provide care, but early results show it won’t be enough to address the needs of Texas’ uninsured. You’ve heard of the uninsured, the folks who go to the emergency room because they don’t have health insurance? The ones who then can’t afford to pay the […]

Health Law Would Cost Texas Less Than Forecast

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Fully implementing the federal health care law and adding 2 million people to Medicaid would cost Texas $11 billion less than previously estimated, the state’s health and human services commissioner said Thursday. Tom Suehs said it would cost $15 billion to $16 billion over 10 years if Texas fully implemented the […]