Race for Energy Post Deserves Voters’ Attention

Perhaps no race in the May 27 runoff better crystallizes the Republicans’ future as the chamber of commerce party in Texas than the nomination for railroad commissioner. Among statewide elected officials, only the comptroller has such direct contact with people doing business in Texas. The three-member Texas Railroad Commission writes regulations and adjudicates disputes for […]

First Houston Chronicle Column: Export Crude and Technology

The next big thing for oil and gas drillers will be Mexico. Or maybe China. But then, East Africa is showing some promise. And we can’t forget about the Norwegians. They’re producing a lot of oil and gas these days from some very old wells. If you thought the Eagle Ford Shale was the only […]

Texas Economy Strong, But How to Keep It That Way

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Oil and gas production is up, construction is on the rise and unemployment is low. The Texas economy is strong with no trouble in sight, economists say. Texans of a certain age have seen this before, and they know what usually happens next. Bust. The question facing all Texans, then, is […]

New Job as a Columnist for The Houston Chronicle

Nearly 20 years after my first Associated Press byline, I am leaving the global wire service that sent me around the world to become a columnist for the Houston Chronicle, focusing on energy, business and policy. The new leadership team at the Chronicle, Editor Nancy Barnes and Managing Editor Vernon Loeb, are giving me space […]