Race for Energy Post Deserves Voters’ Attention

Perhaps no race in the May 27 runoff better crystallizes the Republicans’ future as the chamber of commerce party in Texas than the nomination for railroad commissioner. Among statewide elected officials, only the comptroller has such direct contact with people doing business in Texas. The three-member Texas Railroad Commission writes regulations and adjudicates disputes for […]

Women’s Issues Could Dominate Texas Election

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Women’s pay and health care are taking over the headlines in the Texas governor’s race, and for good reason: Women comprise the majority of voters. U.S. Census data shows that in the 2012 general election, 4.72 million Texas women cast ballots compared to 3.92 million men. Democrats know that Wendy Davis […]

Primary Poses First Test for Texas Democrats

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Battleground Texas, the major Democratic effort aimed at turning one of the reddest states blue, celebrated its first birthday this week with cocktails at a swank Austin bar, hosting one last party before the project’s first significant test in Tuesday’s primary election. The initiative organized by Jeremy Bird, President Barack Obama’s […]

Texas Republican Primary Often Most Important Election

AUSTIN, Texas — In a state with 26 million people, the leaders of Texas are routinely chosen by 750,000 people. That’s roughly how many votes that Republican candidates have needed to win the nomination for governor in the last two primary elections. Anyone who wonders why Republican statewide candidates are running so hard to the […]

State Lawsuits Become Issue in Texas Governor’s Campaign

AUSTIN — Greg Abbott’s job as Texas’ top lawyer placed him in the line of fire last week when his likely Democratic opponent called on him to stop defending lawsuits over school funding and gay marriage. State Sen. Wendy Davis said the attorney general should settle a lawsuit brought by 600-plus school districts who complain […]

Candidate Comments Critical in Texas Governor’s Race

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The leading candidates for Texas governor are learning that sticks and stone may break bones, but words last forever. Democrat Wendy Davis shocked many in her party last week by coming out in support of allowing those with concealed handgun licenses to carry their pistols openly in public. Just days earlier, […]

Republicans Dominate Campaign Fundraising in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Political pundits were stunned last month when Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis reported raising more money than Republican rival Greg Abbott. But as the campaigns prepare to release another round of campaign finance reports Monday, Davis’ success has done little to unseat the GOP as the fundraising champion in Texas. The […]

Davis Stakes Out Middle Ground, Shifts Topic

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis promised Tuesday to veto a state income tax to pay for public schools and expand where people may carry handguns, while her campaign attempted to move past allegations she misled people while telling her life story. In an interview with The Associated Press, the Democratic state senator […]

In Republican Primaries, a Race for Second Place

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — For many candidates in the March 4 Republican primary elections, the goal will be to come in a close second. If the candidate with the most votes gets less than 50 percent of the total, they will face a runoff with the second-place candidate. That gives the silver medalist 12 weeks […]

Finance Reports Reveal Candidate Viability

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — In the second largest state, with the second biggest population, money makes the politician. The latest filing period for campaign finance reports ended New Year’s Eve. Over the next 10 days, candidates will reveal how much they’ve spent so far, and more importantly, how much more they still have in the […]