Swahili music festival in Zanzibar delivers Sounds of Wisdom

ZANZIBAR, Tanzania, Feb. 10, 2006 (AP) _ Singing of sex and domestic violence, Bi Kidude pounded her drum and shouted ancient Swahili lyrics, delivering a nonstop 40 minutes of African tradition with a hip-hop flavor. An impressive performance by any standard, and all the more so for a 93-year-old. Kidude’s performance, which mixed once-secret bridal […]

PX system sets up food courts, retail stores for troops in Iraq

CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq, Feb. 7, 2005 (AP) _ Pass the ammunition and a slice of pizza. U.S. soldiers in Iraq spend hours _ sometimes days _ on patrol hunting insurgents and dodging roadside bombs. But when they get back to base, they can pick up a case of Dr Pepper, buy the latest DVD and […]

The Forgotten War

Peace talks to end one of the world’s oldest civil wars collapsed in Nairobi, Kenya, last July. On the same day, rebels and aid workers in southern Sudan reported that the Government’s sole bomber had dropped a shell that spewed a green gas. Within a week, doctors said, hundreds of people were seriously ill. Elsewhere […]

Seeing Germany’s Psyche through its Architecture

NEW YORK(AP) _ Rarely does a nation have the chance to rebuild its capital and adopt a new image. But even more rarely has such a project exhumed as many ghosts as the German government’s planned return to Berlin. Home of the Prussian and Nazi empires and divided for more than 30 years by the […]