Pre-Order Tomlinson Hill Now!

Tomlinson Hill is available for pre-order! I’ve included several links below to the more popular online book stories, but if you live in a town with an independent bookstore, you can do that bookstore and me an extra special favor by calling them up and making sure they order some copies for their shelves too. […]

Five Free Things in Austin, from the First Photo to a Bat Cave

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Texas Capital, the Live Music Capital of the World, the Velvet Crown, Bat City or simply River City. Residents of Austin claim many titles and are known for their slogan: “Keep Austin Weird.” Some locals pejoratively call their hometown “festival city,” since there seems to be one every weekend, such […]

“LaDainian Tomlinson: A Football Life” by NFL Films

NFL Films will be premiering their documentary, “LaDainian Tomlinson: A Football Life” on Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. Central on the NFL Channel, and I am proud to say that I make several appearances helping LaDainian understand the history of Tomlinson Hill. LaDainian’s parents divorced when he was young and his father, Oliver Terry Tomlinson, […]

LaDainian Finished the Foreword

We’re putting the final touches on the book as we enter the final round of editing, and LaDainian has turned in the Foreword! I don’t want to give too much away, but he takes a look back at the years when he was growing up on Tomlinson Hill, playing with his cousins in front of […]

“Industry Sips” Interview about “Tomlinson Hill” the documentary

To promote the premiere of Tomlinson Hill: Are We Equal Yet at the Dallas International Film Festival, director Lisa Kaselak and I sat down with film bloggers to discuss our project intended to look at present-day Marlin and how the history of slavery and bigotry continues to shape life there.

Former AP Fashion Editor Anderson Dies at 91

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Former Associated Press fashion editor and foreign correspondent Nadeane Walker Anderson, who interviewed legendary designers including Coco Chanel and Christian Dior while working in Paris, has died in Texas. She was 91. Anderson, who used her maiden name Nadeane Walker as her byline, died of natural causes Monday in Austin, her […]

Johnson Library Shows How Presidency Reverberates

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The United States is fighting a messy war alongside an unreliable ally in Asia, residents are deeply divided between conservatives and liberals, a new health care law just took effect and the nation is struggling with racial and ethnic divisions. What’s happening in the United States in 2012 could just as […]

Ballet about Holocaust Battles Intolerance

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Within a small rectangle of light, nearly a dozen dancers writhed and convulsed on the stage, pressed together by imaginary walls denoting some kind of death chamber. For 12 minutes, a deafening air raid siren reverberates through the theater, as one-by-one the dancers fall out of the light, and roll into […]

Dancing On The Page

Almost every culture dances. In Texas, we two-step. In Austria, they waltz. The Congolese do the Soukous. And the tango is required learning in Argentina. The only culture without dance is fundamentalist Protestantism, which inexplicably ignores the biblical instruction that there is “a time to dance.” Popular dances can range from the formal to the […]

Cultivating Creativity

Our environment has always shaped our artistic undertakings. In Africa, elaborate wooden masks and sculptures come from the west, where rainforests dominate. On East Africa’s savanna, wood is a precious commodity, so the arts focus on jewelry, clothing and body modification. In Texas, folks frequently lament a cultural landscape as desolate as the scrublands of […]