Food Shortages Grip Africa Again, so How Can the World and Africans End it Forever?

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) _ Almost 40 million Africans _ more than Texas’ population _ are short of food, left to rely on aid to stave off hunger and even starvation. Perhaps as troubling, though rarely mentioned, is that almost all of these people live within 100 miles of well-fed towns. Farms just a few hundred […]

AP Investigation: Game hunting in northern Tanzania threatens East Africa’s most famous parks

LOLIONDO GAME CONTROL AREA, Tanzania: March 4, 2002 (AP) _ At a dirt airstrip in rural Tanzania, a desert camouflaged cargo plane from the United Arab Emirates air force taxis up to pallets stacked with large coolers full of game meat, the harvest of a successful hunting season. As Tanzanian immigration and customs officials fill […]

Festival of the Dhow Countries celebrates Zanzibar as a cultural crossroads

ZANZIBAR, Tanzania, July 12, 2001 (AP) _ Sitting under the stars in an 18th-century Arab fort, Zanzibaris wearing colorful African cloth, Indian saris, long Arabic robes or blue jeans are watching movies: first, a documentary about a guitarist from Mali, then a feature film from India. In an adjoining courtyard, an orchestra playing taraab music […]

Nomads Bear Brunt of East African Drought, but How to Help Them?

KAJIADO, Kenya (AP) _ Where there should be green waves of grass, there is only gray dirt and dead roots. Where there should be cattle, there are only donkeys, carrying jugs of water and bags of corn marked “Gift of Japan.” East Africa’s worst drought in 40 years is causing pain throughout Kenya, but no […]

The Forgotten War

Peace talks to end one of the world’s oldest civil wars collapsed in Nairobi, Kenya, last July. On the same day, rebels and aid workers in southern Sudan reported that the Government’s sole bomber had dropped a shell that spewed a green gas. Within a week, doctors said, hundreds of people were seriously ill. Elsewhere […]