Missing the Boat on Africa

As a citizen of the globe’s economic and military heavyweight, it’s easy to forget that other parts of the world might be getting along just fine without us. When we pull back, though, and take a look at current trends in global trade, U.S. business may be missing out in the developing world. China, the […]

Much aid to Africa on Road to Nowhere

NAIROBI, Kenya: Dec.20, 2007 — To judge how far aid has helped Africa along the road to prosperity, just look down at the pavement — or the lack of it. The most important highway in East Africa starts at the Indian Ocean port of Mombasa. Tens of thousands of trucks every year carry food, fuel […]

Rwanda Genocide Victims, Killers Meet and Learn to Live Together

MAYANGE, Rwanda (AP) — The late afternoon sun gleams off the tin roofs of this small farming village, as neighbors Xavier Nemeye and Cecile Mukagasana watch their children play tag around the banana trees. The two friends were born here and share much of Mayange’s daily life. They talk every day, pray at the same […]

Ghana Reflects Progress in Pockets of Africa, led by Africans

ACCRA, Ghana, Dec. 3, 2007 (AP) _ Coby Asmah is a success in a part of the world that is hardly ever equated with success. The design and printing business he launched from his dining room table 14 years ago now employs 54 people. He drives a new gold SUV, dresses as sharply as any […]

A Tribute to Anthony Mitchell

I am about to do something that would have made Anthony unhappy. You see, in December and January, when the war in Somalia was raging, we were all putting in 16 hour days and taking turns editing stories from our stringer reports. The lead editor that day would have to process information from 10 different […]

Sent on an Odyssey as Boys, Sudanese Come Home to Serve their Country

JUBA, Sudan: Nov. 26, 2006 (AP) _ In the midst of a revolution, Sudanese rebel chiefs chose two boys _ a soldier and a goat herder _ to join a group of several hundred who were being sent abroad to become part of their nation’s next generation of leaders. The boys were taken from a […]

Horn of Africa’s Troubles Could Make the Region a Major Front in the War on Terror

NAIROBI, Kenya: Oct. 20, 2006 (AP) _ From the Red Sea to Lake Victoria, the Horn of Africa is one of the few places in the world where, if careful, a traveler can move 1,400 miles across four countries without producing a passport or encountering a single government official. These footpaths, back roads and rivers […]

Drought comes again to East Africa, but Victims and Governments remain Unprepared

BISSEL, Kenya: Feb. 17, 2006 (AP) _ Babies in East Africa are starving again. They lie in battered beds, hooked up to IV drips, their skeletal mothers beside them. Their cries are barely audible for now, but their woes won’t end when they have gained weight. All of their families’ wealth _ their cattle and […]

Swahili music festival in Zanzibar delivers Sounds of Wisdom

ZANZIBAR, Tanzania, Feb. 10, 2006 (AP) _ Singing of sex and domestic violence, Bi Kidude pounded her drum and shouted ancient Swahili lyrics, delivering a nonstop 40 minutes of African tradition with a hip-hop flavor. An impressive performance by any standard, and all the more so for a 93-year-old. Kidude’s performance, which mixed once-secret bridal […]

AP Exclusive: Somali Banker Accused of being Al-Qaida Money Man in Legal Limbo Two Years after Millions in Assets Frozen

MOGADISHU, Somalia: Oct. 23, 2003 (AP) _ The former Somali refugee had it all: a group of international companies with millions of dollars in revenues and a handsome home on the Persian Gulf. Then the U.S. government froze his assets and accused him of being al-Qaida’s main money mover. Two years later, Ahmed Nur Ali […]