Pre-Order Tomlinson Hill Now!

THill Small cover

Tomlinson Hill is available for pre-order! I’ve included several links below to the more popular online book stories, but if you live in a town with an independent bookstore, you can do that bookstore and me an extra special favor by calling them up and making sure they order some copies for their shelves too.

The shipping date is July 22, but we hope that will move up to June as we put the final touches on the book. For anyone who knows a book reviewer, we’ll have galleys very soon. Send me your contacts and I’ll get those in the mail.

Clearly, the goal here is to sell as many books as I possibly can, so please consider buying extra copies and sharing them as gifts, or donations to your local library or school libraries. I am always grateful for your support, but I am equally convinced everyone can learn something from this book, particularly now that Americans appear ready to think about these things.

I’ll post more links as they become available!

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February 17, 2014