Corporate responsibility paramount to make Mexican energy reforms work

The ink on Mexico’s new energy laws is finally dry, and the biggest names in the industry are exploring how they can revive our southern neighbor’s wilting oil and gas production. Let’s hope they don’t mess it up. The nine implementing laws signed last week by President Enrique Peña Nieto formalized the biggest overhaul of […]

Houston craft distillery waits to come of age

Tucked in the back of an unremarkable business park in northwest Houston, the Whitmeyer brothers are cooking whiskey. A 55-gallon still is bubbling and a clear alcohol condenses through copper tubing and streams into a pitcher. After it cools, the brothers will pour it into charred oak barrels and stack them against the wall for […]

The future of jobs might be no jobs

Recently I caught a glimpse of the future of jobs, and jobs as we know them had largely dis-appeared. I needed two graphics for an outside project I was doing for another company, and the deadline was 24 hours away, too tight for that publisher’s artists to produce them. Frustrated and desperate, I went online […]

Defect in U.S. tax law motivates companies’ overseas moves

A researcher trying to find ways to keep black bears away from humans once summed up the problem for me with a simple calculation: Animals are driven to obtain the maximum number of calories for the least amount of effort, and people leaving high-calorie food out attract the bears. The same drive applies to executives […]

Tomlinson Hill is #23 on the New York Times Bestseller List

I post most news about Tomlinson Hill on the book, film and interactive website dedicated to that project, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone here for their support that helped Tomlinson Hill come in at #23 on the New York Times Bestseller List for Aug. 10, 2014. This is more than […]

Cleaning up coal not greenest option, but key for energy diversity

Balancing economic feasibility, shareholder value, regulatory necessity and social responsibility is something that business leaders do every day. Striking the right balance requires creativity and compromise, and no sector faces more challenges than electricity generation. If a power plant produces too much pollution, we suffer health consequences. If the cost is too high, we suffer […]

Time for an overhaul, possible elimination, of state incentives

Is it a business incentive or corporate welfare, a tax break or a tax giveaway, an enterprise fund or a slush fund? The debate over spending taxpayer money to benefit private businesses is the subject of intense debate as cities, states and even countries compete for jobs and investment. Texas lawmakers have begun examining the […]

Electronic health records need more attention to reach full potential

When Dr. Kathi McCree enters the exam room, she carries her tablet computer with the patient’s electronic medical record pulled up and ready to start the exam. After she evaluates her patient and goes over her conclusions and orders, she enters her findings into the tablet, orders lab tests and writes prescriptions that are all […]

Asian steel in the oil fields cost Texans jobs

When most people see a flatbed truck loaded with drill pipe rolling west on Interstate 10, it’s a reminder of the thousands of oil and gas wells that are driving the booming Texas economy. When steelworkers in Bellville see those trucks, though, they’re reminded why their plant, which makes similar pipe 60 miles west of […]

Guidelines Could Make Oil Companies Better Neighbors

In Yorktown, Texas, they put locks on fire hydrants to keep oil workers from stealing water. Meanwhile, the ammonia level at the water treatment plant has been rising, and officials suspect it’s from oil field workers illegally dumping used wastewater into the sewage system of the small town, 150 miles southwest of Houston. “It’s easy […]